5 Tips to Taking Care of Your Home During Winter

In Colorado, it is not uncommon for us to get cold weather or even snow anytime between October to sometimes May. Whether you are relocating to Colorado Springs or Pueblo, or have been living here for quite some time, knowing how to keep the heat in your home is vital part of being a homeowner! Check out these 4 HOT tips!

  1. Are your windows keeping in the heat? Consider swapping out your curtains for thicker, thermal lined material to keep your home toasty during the cold season. However, that won’t do the job if you have drafty windows. Replace windows that won’t seem to keep the heat in sooner rather than later as drafts can be the most costly way to rack up your energy bill. Another option is to double glaze your windows which provides for an added layer of insulation to keep your home at the perfect temperature throughout the winter.
  2. Change out your furnace filter! While during the other seasons, it is recommended to change out the furnace every 3 months, when the heater is in constant use during winter, it should be changed out every month. The reason for this, is if a filter is blocked with lint and dirt, it will have a harder time releasing the air to heat your home.
  3. Give your fireplace its annual check-up. Throughout the year, debris and soot can build up so it’s a good idea to hire a chimney sweep to clean it out and check for any cracks or damage that could affect the integrity of its structure or its ability to heat the home. Make sure to examine the gasket and damper function as well to verify the proper airflow is moving through the chimney. To this affect, replace your fire alarms and carbon monoxide batteries while you’re at it so you know they’ll work if you need them to!
  4. Weatherproof your home by installing seal strips to your doors or windows to prevent cold air leaking into your home. A storm door can also be used to cut down on drafts effecting your heat and energy bill!

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